(1) Perpetual Alpha; (2) The FinTech Startup Ecosystem; (3) Millennial Dust Bowl or Magic Cauldron; (4) Basic Income, Alternate Outcomes; (5) VC Disruption by 1001 Angels; (6) All About Me

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About Me:

John F.C. Cheong , Ph.D.  ( johnc@spacemachine.net )

John F.C. Cheong, Ph.D. (johnc@spacemachine.net)

John F.C. Cheong has been a tech entrepreneur and an angel investor in Silicon Valley for the past 20 years. John had participated in the early-stage financing of over 30 start-ups, resulting in 4 successful IPOs and 10 acquisitions. John is an active blogger on diverse topics related to: computational finance, machine learningmoney, bitcoin, macroeconomics, basic income, mathematics, automation, automated tradingcollaborative networks and architecture; and authored the blog series: "Trading Wall Street from Silicon Valley."

John's professional experiences include: FinTech, EdTech, and GPS car navigation. He holds the Series 65 investment advisor certification. John regularly advises startup founders on business model design, competitive analysis, and pivot-to-exit strategies, and is particularly interested in building and developing start-ups that offer modern financial services to vertical networked communities. John is a member of the First Round Expert Network, and from time to time helps perform due diligence on investment opportunities on behalf of institutional investors. John can be reached at: johnc@spacemachine.net.