Higher Education: What Comes After?

By: John F.C. Cheong (Map of Slide Deck)

Draft of an upcoming talk for The Palo Alto University Business Networking Club (Date: TBD, 2016, 12:00pm-1:00pm)

Summary: A road map of the non-traditional pathways university graduates follow to fulfill their dreams; and what this means for tomorrow's higher education industry in the context of the greater economy.

About Me:

John F.C. Cheong , Ph.D.  ( johnc@spacemachine.net )

John F.C. Cheong, Ph.D. (johnc@spacemachine.net)

John F.C. Cheong is an angel investor and tech entrepreneur and in Silicon Valley; with professional experiences spanning: FinTech, EdTech, and GPS car navigation. John had participated in the early-stage financing of over 30 start-ups in the last 20 years, resulting in 4 successful IPOs and 10 acquisitions. John created and led the GPS car navigation business as founder and CEO of Space Machine from 1999-2012; co-founded KidSpring Studio to develop children’s educational apps for iPads during 2011-2012; and was a Computer Scientist at U.C. Berkeley from 1995-1998. John was also the author of “Internet Agents: Spiders, Wanderers, Brokers, and 'Bots” (1995).

John advises startup founders on business model design, competitive analysis, and pivot-to-exit strategies, and is particularly interested in building and developing start-ups that offer modern financial services to vertical networked communities. John writes the blog series: Trading Wall Street from Silicon Valley; and is a member of the First Round Expert Network. John can be reached at: johnc@spacemachine.net.