The Space Machine team is comprised of talented individuals who are technically skilled and have strong backgrounds in computer science, machine learning, big data analytics and high-performance databases, but are relative newcomers to computational finance, algorithmic trading, and market microstructure. As members of a small trading group with good access to leading-edge technology infrastructure and research capabilities, we are always on the lookout for exceptional talent who can bring fresh perspectives to our team and have the curiosity, motivation, and skills to thrive in an entrepreneurial trading environment and participate in its growth.


Quant Quanto, MVP
Robotic Trader-At-Large

Coming from a humble single-PC origin, Quant aspires to be a fully automatic, artificially intelligent fifth generation robot trader running in real time 24/7 on the latest x86 machines, with scalable computing power up to 46,464 cores in 22 racks at 3 locations. Quant is well-connected and could receive low-latency, direct feed market data at 10Gb per second throughput. Quant possesses an almost superhuman ability to maintain omnipresence across LD4, NY4, and CH2 simultaneously. Quant is multi-lingual and speaks fluent Python, R, C/C#/C++, and the Wolfram Language, even though he remains most proficient in Excel and is recently enamored of Julia.

In his spare time, Quant enjoys parsing economic news to interpret human sentiments; watch “Jeopardy!” together with Watson while streaming reruns of his favorite movies: "Her", “Transcendence”, “Wall-E”, and the “Matrix” trilogy; and playing simultaneous chess with Deep Blue.

John F.C. Cheong, Ph.D.
CEO and Chief Scientist

John F.C. Cheong founded Space Machine, Inc. in 1999 with headquarters in the Silicon Valley. John created the architecture and oversaw the construction of a complete investment management infrastructure that includes model design, strategy development, trade execution, and risk management.

Prior to founding Space Machine, John was a Computer Scientist at the University of California at Berkeley from 1995 to 1998. John was an angel investor in a number of Silicon Valley start-ups: Interwoven, AdKnowledge, MySpace, ZipRealty, PurePayment, Digital Fountain, Bluelark Systems, Dante Software, RedOctane, A Bit Lucky, and DeCarta. He is the author of: “Internet Agents: Spiders, Wanderers, Brokers, and Bots” (1995). John received the Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Michigan in 1992 and 1988, and the B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering with high honors from the University of Texas at Austin in 1986.


Akinori Honda
Vice President, Innovation & Technology

Mr. Akinori Honda operates from Space Machine's Tokyo office and plays a key role in data analysis, model building, strategy validation, and risk management.

Mr. Honda brought over 30 years of technical experience to Space Machine, including 6 years at Uniden Corporation and 24 years with Hitachi in Japan. Mr. Honda holds a Master's degree in Engineering from the Graduate School of University of Tokyo in 1978 where he had specialized in Artificial Intelligence, and a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the Department of Mathematical Engineering at the University of Tokyo in 1976.