"Rise and Shine": ReBoot, ReTool, Re-Entry (3R)

By: John F.C. Cheong  (Revised: Sept 8, 2016)

About Me:


John F.C. Cheong is interested in exploring hassle-free mobility solutions for kids in the 10-to-15-years-old range, especially e-bike-based solutions that can accommodate 20" and 24" wheels for day-time commutes of up to 6 miles in range between home and school, along somewhat hilly roads. John is also an angel investor and tech entrepreneur for the past 20 years in Silicon Valley; with professional experiences spanning GPS car navigation to financial technologies. He earned a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Michigan and started his career as a Computer Scientist at UC Berkeley. John writes the blog series: Trading Wall Street from Silicon Valley”. He can be reached at: johnc@spacemachine.net.